When you meet those people you just click with.

The ones who clearly get you, and just being in their presence brings you a little peace and makes you not feel so alone in the world? The clients that are just simply the most kind hearted people. THESE are those clients, those people. The ones who have zero judgment, and are raising kids just as you are.

It was such a blessing to meet Mary and her husband and children. For some reason I felt like I had met them at some point previously in life. I couldn't tell you where. There was just familiarity there and the evening we got to spend some time together to photograph their family was wonderful. Their little girl wasn't the most happy and come to find out she had an ear infection and they had to head home from their vacation early.

Anyway, one of my favorite families to date that I've had the pleasure of meeting out in Seabrook, WA!

If you are considering family photos or any photos in Seabrook, WA or really anywhere in the PNW send me a message! I'd love to chat!