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Model Release

There is an optional Model Release available for parents to sign if you wish to allow Alicia Tisdale Photography to utilize images for promotional purposed on social platforms, website, and print. Please note that it does not guarantee use of images and images that have not been paid for will not be used in any marketing materials.

Click Here to Sign Model Release

2024 T&I Sports Portraits {Sportraits}

This is for youth and volume size teams.

Powered by PhotoDay

- Pick Your Favorites: See your photos before you purchase.

- No Paper, No Problem: Say goodbye to paper order forms and hello to simple, online ordering.

- Secure & Convenient: View and order your photos securely from the comfort of your home anytime.

- Choose Your Packages: It’s easy to build packages with your favorite poses and products.

- Create & Customize: Personalize your prints and specialty items to make them uniquely yours.

- Contactless Delivery: Track your orders directly to your doorstep.

**Galleries will stay available for TWO WEEKS to make any purchases.

Auto texts and emails will go out to those who have signed up and subscribed on when the gallery is available and live and also prior to gallery expiration

Alicia Tisdale Photography is transitioning to PhotoDay Starting Fall 2024.

This may look a bit different than previous years, but should provide a smoother more enjoyable experience for both parents and photographer.

What to expect before and on picture day -

  • Each player be allotted TWO POSES. This can be two individual poses or one individual and one buddy pose.
  • Digital and Print products will be available, among many other trinket options such as mugs, magnets, keychains etc.
  • Galleries will available for TWO WEEKS once they are published live with value print and digital packages to purchase. After two weeks the value packages will no longer be available.
  • Buddy photos - Each athlete will receive two poses. This can be two individual poses, or one individual and one buddy pose.
  • Print Options - Require client to pay a shipping fee on physical products. There are no exceptions.
  • Player Information - Photographer will not be held responsible for any typos or incorrect information in any orders, as parent/purchaser will be responsible

to inputting all information and selecting proper cropping sizes.

Digital Orders - Due to the nature of digital images no refunds, returns or exchanges will be given once purchased and downloaded whether through PhotoDay or any other gallery host.

Print Orders - Customer is responsible for choosing the correct crops and adding the correct information within PhotoDay when ordering prints, memory mates or any other printed products. Please note that not all crops are the same. Reprints, refunds and exchanges will not be offered.

Coaches will be provided with a team link and/or code prior to photo day to opt into notifications.

Please read to make sure you are signing up for the proper team.

If you have multiple kids across different teams, please be sure to sign up for each team/leagues gallery.


What IS NEEDED on picture day -

• Text your unique team/league code that will be provided to 90738 to subscribe to notifications for your gallery.

• Each player should arrive with all necessary gear per the players position to be used as props in the photos.

****Gallery will stay available for TWO WEEKS to purchase print and digital packages at value prices.

Any questions please contact me HERE

How to Order & Video Walk-Through



Watch the video on  this page for step-by-step instructions on how to order from your gallery.

Click above and enter your access code.

Don't have a code? Contact us below.



Can I purchase prints?

Yes! Be sure to sign up for updates on your team's gallery and you will be able to purchase prints through your PhotoDay Gallery!

Do you offer Buddy Photos?

Yes! Buddy photos are an option.
Each athlete will be allotted two poses. This can be two individual poses or one individual and one buddy pose. You will get to decide what you wish to purchase within the gallery when it is ready.

Can I purchase prints through you after photo day to save the shipping fee?

All orders must take place through PhotoDay and shipping fees will be base on your chosen shipping option.

How long till I receive my gallery or printed products?

Galleries should be available within approximately 5-7 business days from the date of photos. If there are multiple photo days for one league then expect it after the last photo day.

Printed products will be based on the shipping option you selected.

I am unhappy with my images, can I get a refund?

No. Due to the nature of galleries to view before purchasing, once you purchase digital and/or prints then it is assumed you are happy with the images prior to purchasing.

If there is an issue with a delivered product from the print lab, please reach out to discuss.

Once digital images have been downloaded there will be no refunds and no exceptions.

Can I purchase the Digitals?

Absolutely! Digital images are available through your team's PhotoDay gallery!

How long will my digital gallery stay open?

Galleries will stay available to make purchases for TWO WEEKS with value packages available.
After two weeks the value packages will no long be available.

I purchased the Digital Package. Can I still order prints?

Of course! You can purchase digital and/prints through your PhotoDay gallery.

What is the Model Release?

Simply put, if you choose to allow Alicia Tisdale Photography to use any and all images on social platforms for marketing purposes. Then you can fill out the model release form.
*This does not guarantee use of images in marketing.

Alicia Tisdale Photography DOES NOT sell images to any third parties.