Hello world! I am Alicia. Mother of two, to my crazy Monkey Boy + Queen Bee (or so she says).

I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer, with a little real estate and small weddings thrown in the mix with 10+ years under my belt and constantly growing and evolving in the art. 

I have lived in the PNW my whole life. My kids (12 & 5) and I currently reside in Grays Harbor, WA specifically Aberdeen, WA (yes the place Kurt Cobain is from) just a short drive from the Pacific Coast and premier vacation beach towns like Seabrook, in Pacific Beach and close to other beaches like Ocean Shores and Ruby Beach. Not too far from the Hoh Rainforest, and Olympia, WA in the opposite direction! 

Outside of work and photography My kids and I live a very active slightly crazy life. We recently picked up the crazy little hobby of MTB (Mountain Biking) and XC MTB Racing… Yeah, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but now we are hooked! Along with that we love hiking, camping, lake days, paddle boarding and can’t pass up a good ice cream shop along the way. I try to take my kids on a vacation on a plane once a year when I can. I am a strong believer that traveling, and adventure are very fulfilling in life in ways that nothing else can be. There is so much to the world and not enough time in the day. 

SO that’s a little about me and my crazy little life…

Curious what to expect during your photoshoot?


Well, expect it to be fun and full of laughter, usually laughing at my awkwardness. Don’t worry, I’ll be laughing with you. Don’t mind if I forget to take my lens cap off (yes this happens every time). I am a very “Go with the flow” kind of photographer, and you should be as a client as well for your photos, especially if you have kiddos! Loosen up and enjoy the experience! THe best shots come from the least expected moments, every time! I promise!

Have kiddos with you? No stress, let them run and I’ll chase them with my camera. We love all the animals, and when I say “we” I mean there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll probably meet one or both of my kids mentioned above. Theia is my daughter and Rylon is my son. They’re both professionals at getting other kids to laugh and look at the camera (usually). They have been going to photoshoots with me since they were babies, literally. They love making new friends. 

My goal overall is to make you laugh and get the genuine smiles for your images. If you’re only looking for posed, prim and proper photos where kids sit still, I am probably not your gal. 
I shoot till I feel like we have a full gallery, and if they light is yummy and gold i may shoot some more. then I ask if there is anything you wanted, we didn’t get. 

I will absolutely suggest the best time of day for your photos (usually evening as most people are not early risers). We shoot rain or shine even in the low fog (which makes for some killer dramatic photos). So, if we get some rain, bring the goloshes and umbrellas! Or not, we can go puddle jumping and get soaked too!

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