Pricing Packages

MLS Listings

from: $275 + tax & travel

MLS listing packages are for the homes that plan to be listed and sold ASAP. Typical turnaround for MLS is 48hrs unless otherwise noted.

*House/Property must be photo ready upon arrival. There will be an additional fee to return at a later date.

Airbnb | Commercial Listing

from: $425 + tax & travel

Needing photos for your Airbnb or VRBO listing, let's chat. Due to the nature of long term use of these images, the work falls under a different category.

Travel Rate - $30 per hour

(Rounded to the nearest hour)

Travel fee applies to anything outside of Aberdeen, WA

Photographer does not stage or move items in house.

Pricing is non-negotiable.


What is your turnaround time for MLS listings?

1-2 Business Days turnaround time for MLS listings. (Weekends not included)

Why do Airbnb and short term rentals cost more?

Short-term rental (Airbnb) listings require images for long term use, and are given a different commercial use license than MLS listings.

Are you able to photoshop in grass or blue sky?

Sky swaps are included by request. Anything extensive will incur additional fees.

Do you offer discounts?

No. My time and service is just as valuable as yours is. I do not offer discounts or negotiate pricing.

Are the images MLS ready?

Yes, you will receive MLS ready images to download and directly upload to your MLS.

Will you clean up or fix things upon your arrival?

No. Listings must be photo ready upon my arrival. If the property is not ready, it will either be photographed as-is, or I will charge a second fee to return at a later date.

Do you offer walk-around video?

If requested walk-around video can be available. This will be an additional fee and is not included in pricing listed.