Branding Photoshoot

How are we going to grab the attention of your ideal client?

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for what to expect when booking Alicia Tisdale Photography for your Branding Photoshoot.

01. Pre-Consult.

We will set up an initial pre-consult/meet and greet. This is a great time to get to know each other and put a name to the face.

We will go over some basic information and what your main goal is. This is what you hope to gain out of a Branded Photoshoot with Alicia Tisdale Photography.

02. Re-Cap & Questionnaire

After our meet and greet, I will create a re-cap of what we talked about. What your goals are. What I can offer, and pull together an outline of how we can plan to move forward.

I will send you a questionnaire that will require a bit more in-depth thought, and also to confirm all details.

I will do an "analysis" of your website and/or social platforms. This is to look at the imagery you are currently using to see what could use some updating and where to put our focus. I will also take a look at other brands websites in comparison to yours to point out some weaknesses and strengths. This will help really narrow down our goals and intent with our time together.

Click here to see questionnaire

03. Brainstorming Session

Once the Pre-Consult, website analysis and questionnaire have been completed we will schedule a second meeting.

This meeting is where we get down to the core of the planning.

We will go over and solidify -

-Date to photograph

-Potential Models/Model Release Forms

-Shot list

-Time frame for photoshoot

-Deadline for completion of project

-Any other questions that may come up

04. Service Agreement & Model Release

The not so fun part.

In the questionnaire and brainstorming session we will be outlining all expectations within the service transaction. What you as the client and myself as the photographer should expect when the project has finalized. The Client Service Agreement will outline these details as well as other items.

The Model Release will be talked about. You as a company should have a release for any models who will be photographed in the project, and models will be asked to sign a model release for Alicia Tisdale Photography.

05. Photo Shoot Day!


We get to put all our planning together of the big photoshoot day!

By the time we get to photoshoot day, while it may still seem a bit chaotic, the goal is to have it coordinated to still smoothly.

Ideally we will move seamlessly from each "photo set" to the next and run down our "shot list" we have already curated to fit the goals we have taken the time to outline.

Photoshoot day will require the photographer to have early access to the location to set up prior to photos. Models should be ready and available on time for their portion of the photoshoot.

06. Delivery of Final Images

Your final edited images will be delivered via a secure online gallery. This gallery will be available for 90 days.

Delivery deadline will be outlined in the communications prior to photo day.

Images will be in both web sized and full resolution.

Package options & Starting prices

Full Package Branding Photoshoot

Starting at $1,200+tax

  • Up to 6 people. $75 per person there after.

Headshots + Team Photos + Creative Content

Creative Content is something that all business owners and entrepreneurs alike are in need of. 


Yes, you can always go to sites like Shutterstock or use the stock photos your website host provides to fill your social media, websites, brochures and even your business cards. Most people do this when they are just getting started, but at some point you need to invest in your business. 

One of the best ways to invest in your business and set your yourself apart from others, is to use custom content in your marketing materials. You can do this by scheduling a Branding Photoshoot! Custom Creative Content can be used as social media posts and stories, website images, printed catalogs and brochures.

When you work with me, we create content that fits your needs, and the message you want to convey to your ideal customers. We will have a pre-consult to curate a solid plan to make sure we are getting you everything you need for your marketing. If you have ideas, bring them to the table! We will have a brainstorming session to outline all details prior to photoshoot, so we make sure we don't miss anything!

If you are not needing the whole package, see below for smaller packages and details.

Get In Touch

Fill out Branding Questionnaire

Updated Individual Head Shots

$100+tax per head (minimum $400+tax & travel pending location)

+$75 for studio set up fee if backdrop is needed, or cost of studio rental.

Looking to update your headshots for your profile, business cards, website and/or promote new team members? This package is for you!


  • 2 headshots per person.
  • 1-2 team/group photo variations.

*This does not include creative content.

Creative Content/Product Photography

Sill imagery

Starting at $650+tax

+$75 for studio set up fee if backdrop is needed

Are you a small business looking for creative content and product photography? Let's chat!

This can give you a great start on getting images of your products on your website and social channels, but also a great way to incorporate some lifestyle images with customers that use your products daily!

*Location/studio rental and any additional fees not included. Does not include studio headshots or group photos.

Let's chat!

Let's chat!

Let me help you create content that will get noticed on socials.

It's always better to add your own little touch to make your images custom to you...

Business Headshots, but make it fun!

Request to book

Have a fun work environment? Show it!

Let me document your work day.

Request to Book

Work hard as a team, show up as a team.

Team Photos

Request to Book

Magzines, pamphlets, tumblers, pens, notebooks, websites... They all matter. Bring them with to your photoshoot.

Marketing Materials Matter...

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