Seabrook, WA || Garcia Family

This mama reached out to me to book her family photos this Spring and we had the BEST lighting. However, it was pretty cold and windy. The kids did amazing though, we had some awesome imagery created and over all happy (cold) kiddos.

When you book photos with me, I will always suggest we use the last hour or so of the day to do you photos. This gallery shows you why... The golden light you see, you simply cannot get mid-day. We can always schedule time for the first hour of the day as well, often times though kiddos are hard to get ready that early especially in the spring and summer.

If you are interested in having your photos done in Seabrook, WA click the link below.

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While you're at it, make it a weekend getaway and check out Seabrook, WA for all it has to offer!