Muse Extension Lounge

is a luxury hair salon specializing in NBR hair extensions. I had the pleasure to experience NBR myself for nearly a year. Let me tell you... If hair is what you want, then MUSE is the place to go. The women are AMAZING, the atmosphere is welcoming, and spa-like. I know lot of mom's use their hair appointments a moment for them, and a short break from life and to relax while getting pampered. This is the place to do it. They're fun, and spoil you with the Musemosa's.. Yes that's a thing, and they are delicious and you MUST try one! One of the best parts about NBR is that its an excuse to go get your hair done every 4-8 weeks, also if you're like me and have thin fine hair that needs washed frequently, then extensions help in extending your wash cycle so it's less frequent.

If you are interest, set up a consult with them. I promise you won't regret it!