Hello world.. I am Alicia. Mother of two, to my crazy Monkey Boy + Beautiful Baby Bee. 

I want to create images of a time that you’ll remember and pass down to the kids and grandkids. Keep reading… I promise you’ll understand why.


Like any other photographer, there’s a reason it’s a passion of mine + not just “it’s fun to take pictures.” I mean really, it is. It’s my favorite “activity” and has been as long as I can remember... 


What is my "why" though?


There is never just one reason why, but now, having lost someone very close to me, my daughters’ father. I feel like it’s not just a passion of mine, but a responsibility to document life and my kids. I have always taken a lot of photos in life. I am fortunate to have many photos of my daughters’ father and our life together. My thought is though, had I not taken the photos I did, as life went on, my daughter wouldn’t have much of anything to look through as she gets older. My son as well. They both flip through photo albums regularly. It brings me so much joy when the do. It brings up memories that we can all talk about. It's a way for my daughter to get to know who her dad was, in the best way I know how to do so. The photographs are something tangible that can last forever. Something that can be passed down to as time goes on. 


After having gone through what I did in Oct. 2020, I understood the pain of those who had lost loved ones, but the joy of having those photos to look back on. I had to experience it first-hand that those photos are what I hold on to now. Those photos are now what all my daughter has left as her memories fade, those photos will help her as time goes on. 

While I never wish that on anyone, the fact is, we are all human. When it’s our time to go, there’s no stopping it. 


So why wait? You don’t need the perfect outfit or hair. It’s ok for the kids to have messy faces and braces on your teeth. That’s life, that’s what you want to remember. The silly moments.. The joy and laughter you see in the genuine smiles. It's worth preserving those memories! 

So if you’re ready, get in touch and lets set some time aside for you and your loved ones and let me document those moments for you. 

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