So you have your photoshoot booked... What's next?

Preparing for your photoshoot seems to be the most stressful part. Let me give you a few tips to help you do just that.

Here are just a few DO's and DO NOT's within the days and weeks before.

DO -

• Plan outfits ahead of time. Simple is better.

• Moisturize your skin/face/lips and hands - This goes for both Men and Women.

• Do a trial run on your hair and make up within the week prior to your photoshoot.

• Plan to go barefoot if you are just too overwhelmed with everything else. Keep it simple, especially for the kids.

• HYDRATE! Drink lots of water the day of and days prior. This helps your face have the more glowing look, and also helps keep lips from getting chapped.

• Exfoliate any skin that may show especially women who might be wearing dresses. Exfoliate your legs, face and even lips, then moisturize!

• Spoil yourself and get and Mani-Pedi!


• Do not drink excessive alcohol the day of or before your photos - This can give you a dehydrated look in the face, dark circles under your eyes among other things. Save it for after.

• Don't get a spray tan in the week prior to photos. I edit warm already and we don't want you to look orange like a pumpkin.

• Do not try a new hair cut for photos. If you do give yourself enough time to let it grow out a bit if you decide you do not like it.

• Men, if you do not plan on wearing a hat in your photos, please do not wear the hat the day of until after your photos. Otherwise you will end up with a crease in your hair and often and indent on your for head.

• As with hair, do not try a new make up trend right before you photos unless you're confident in your choice.

• Do not put any other accessories like hair ties around your wrists for photos.

These are just a few things I try to keep my clients informed of when preparing for their photoshoot.

Most of all I want you to enjoy your photoshoot experience, I want you to relax and have fun whether it is a couples session, senior, family photos or even a huge family reunion.

Check back for more tips!

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