Looking for a small adventure in Grays Harbor, WA?

Have you been to Lake Sylvia State Park?

It's a great place for

  • hiking
  • fishing
  • kayaking
  • SUP (paddle boarding)
  • swimming in the warmer months
  • camping
  • Mountain Biking
  • picnicking
  • and more!

I take my kids to Lake Sylvia often as it's close to Aberdeen, WA. It is located in Montesano, WA which isn't too far from beach access on the PNW Coast Beaches we have available to us. It is very family friendly and even on the rainy days its still beautiful to visit!

I have done a few photoshoots there as well!

If you are looking to check it out you can find it on Google Maps Here.

View information for the park on there website here!

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