Have you ever shown up to scheduled photoshoot feeling 100% unprepared?

I have. I have shown up full of anxiety feeling like my kids and I are not well put together and just almost in "fuck-it" mode, because I felt like I failed at a "simple task" of dressing us all in coordinating outfits so we wouldn't look... Well like our normal selves... for family photos. I did show up early (very early) and we made it through the photoshoot, and honestly dreaded getting my gallery returned. I felt like every image was going to be ridiculous, cheesy faces or pouty faces. Let me tell you... What I was "expecting" as worst case scenario was definitely not the case. We had amazing photos, we had some smiles and completely and authentically my family and all our quirks is exactly what I got.

I promise you... as long as you follow through and show up, you did not fail. The fact that you showed up when you probably felt like canceling, means you 100% succeeded. Being a parent is hard enough as it is, but then you add in the daunting tasks like trying to make sure your kids are well dressed and well behaved. Yes it is all overwhelming. Especially if you have other emotional aspects in life that are likely on your mind.

My goal when you get to your photoshoot at our planned time is for you to relax. Have fun and be in the moment. Take a deep breath, be silly and focus enjoying this time with your kids. I want you to be exactly how you are with your kids at home. The fun, silly, genuine moments. Even the emotional ones. Don't hold back. We don't need to force your kids into poses they don't want. Let's make your photoshoot about your family exactly how it is.


Choosing your photographer to meet your needs, is key...

Also, please always feel free to ask questions before your photoshoot.